"The work with Marcia was beyond my highest expectations. Truly, it has been the most powerful, transformative, and loving experience of my life- an initiation into my wisdom."

Allen Schwartz, Business Owner




"I dared to step forward into deeper and more fulfilling work. I successfully faced fears and changed limiting patterns around money and relationships. I now have my own successful business including several fortune 500 companies as clients, a balanced schedule that allows me to work part time and an incredible relationship. I keep fulfilling new goals along the way that call me forth to greater and bigger things and encourage me to show up in my entirety!"

Claudie Grout, Consultant, Trainer, Coach


"I have a powerful sense of creating my own destiny, a strong confidence in my ability to rise, face, and embrace whatever life brings to my door…and unwavering determination to live the life I am called to. Marcia’s seemless blend of heartfelt compassion, gentle humor and brilliant techniques generate a clearing in the clouds of confusion. They spark the movement of my own innate intelligence towards action and productive resolution of a wide variety of issues- inner, outer and in-between."

Christopher Baxter , Architect, Yoga Trainer, Musician


"Marcia is the single most important contributor to my ability to open my dream business. I participated in a workshop led by Marcia that changed my life. I continued to work with Marcia as my spiritual/professional/life coach. My relationships with others are more vibrant and healthy as a result of the on-going support I receive. She helps me tune into my heart, figure my way out of problems, and move forward with compassion and conviction."

Janis Bowersox, Owner of Yoga for Everybody, LLC


"I’ve set new meaningful goals, accessed perspectives and tools for meeting those goals, and stepped into being the “me” that matches how I want to show up in my life. I am truly amazed at how easy it was to achieve the career I wanted!"

Susan Peters, Executive Director


"I cannot even begin to thank you for your incredible love, support, guidance and wisdom in helping me navigate the many potholes of my business and my life!"

Sandy Selman, Venture Capital


"You are the most compassionate and non-judgmental person I have ever met. Thank you for the flow and ease you have brought to my life."

Jill Rohrberg, Life Coach


"You help me consider options and keep me on the main road of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am without having you as my coach."

Allen Thorn, Marketing Director


"Your compassionate understanding creates the safety for me to live from my deepest authenticity. Thank you for moving me through my stuck places into exciting new possibilities."

Kiara Andrews, Coach


"You helped me to use my creative juices to leave a not very satisfying career and to create and grow my own business in an amazingly short time. I love what I’m doing. Thank you."

Steve Masters, Business Owner


"After every session with Marcia the next day’s journal entry starts, “I had an amazing talk with Marcia yesterday. In the three years she has been my coach my entire life has been transformed. While a variety of forces have brought all these changes, Marcia’s sensitivity, compassionate support, spirituality, sense of humor, and unerring sense of what issue to pick up on to move me forward have made all the difference between feeling like I was in an avalanche and feeling like I was involved in a great adventure. I’ve never worked with anyone who was so consistently able to give all her energy and insight, to bring her whole focus to each session, and to be inventive and insightful every time."

Betsey Crawford, Artist


"Marcia is amazing. The process is amazing. I was completely stuck in my life. Marcia’s life coaching brought together all the loose ends of the many and varied tools I’d accumulated over my lifetime. Her skill as a listener and her gentle, yet poignant observances and questions led me to the places where I found answers and solutions for my life. As we went around the wheel of my life, I felt shifts and movement. All areas of my life came together and began a gentle flow. With Marcia’s assistance I tapped into my own power and became empowered to create the changes I so desired. I became unstuck.

Marcia assisted me in finding my place in the world. She supported me in uncovering my gifts and talents. I had knowledge and awareness, but I lacked the ability to act until life coaching. In a very short year, the life I only dreamed of has become a reality. I cannot thank Marcia enough for her wisdom, compassion and her ability to empower me with the tools I need for my life to flow.

I would highly recommend the process to anyone who wants and desires change, but who does not know exactly how to manifest it."

Susan Winholtz
Insurance Professional in Hartford


"Coaching with you has been one of the most important resources in my life. Always deferring to my inner knowing, you offer your insight, kindness and humor as tools to help me create my life as an expression of my authentic self. You trust that what I want for my life is good and help me mobilize my resources to get there. You enthusiastically support not just my ambitions but my deepest yearnings for my fulfillment of a complete lifetime, reminding me to relax and take time to enjoy and marvel at the uniqueness of my journey. You have been present in my life celebrating my successes as well as guiding me through the hard times with the clarity I need to find my way past the chaos and pain. You remind me of my worth and beauty as a human being, seeing my best qualities. Thank you for helping me see the aspects of my life that are true, and giving me possibilities for living that I might not have dared to pursue."

Kent Mikkalson, Artist, Designer, Educator


"Marcia has been my coach for several years. As an independent researcher, I have found it essential and supportive to have the continuity of our process as a solid base from which to bounce ideas, to establish goals, new directions and to get really clear about my druthers and options—within a spiritual context. During these years I have studied a company becoming employee-owned and governed and have written for publication or presentation over twenty articles. I was also 24/7 caretaker for my ninety year old beloved demented father. It was very important that I honor both my commitment to him and my commitment to my life purpose. Bringing these quite conflicting elements forward was tricky at times and Marcia’s guiding questions allowed me to get clear within an integral perspective that didn’t sacrifice mind, body or spirit.

I am currently creating a coaching/consulting organizationally based practice. Marcia’s skills are well-tuned, her integrity unquestionable, her spiritual connection invaluable as we worked through the bi-weekly process for our time together. I am very grateful to her and for her."

Cecile G. Betit
Independent Researcher
Evolutionary Development for Organizations


"The workshop was a changing point in my life where I saw myself and the world differently. I experienced what it was like to connect to my spiritual self; that place of knowing filled with beauty and abundance. I continue to use the breathing and meditation practices to get back to that connected place and I have a kinesthetic, intuition based way to make choices. I have continued working with Marcia. She is my coach and spiritual guide; when we talk her presence reminds me of my courage, strength, and power to create my dreams."

Marty Garrett, Life and Relationship Coach


"I got the clarity I wanted in only three days! I know what I want and I have the tools to get out of my own way! I feel relaxed and energized, ready to step into my new life with confidence."

Jennifer Long, Business Owner


"I have a sense of what’s important and what feeds me in my life both emotionally and energetically."

Patricia Stein, Mother


"I gained concrete steps to follow and the belief that I can uncover/hear the answers within myself."

Carl Steward, Business Owner


'I have the courage to go bravely into life without so much of the habitual fear which tends to hold me back."

Sylvia Struthers, Consultant


The workshop was an instumental step in makng positive changes in my life. Throughout the program and in the days following, I realized many important things about myself that had never surfaced before, and I am so grateful that these appeared through the avenue of Designing Your Destiny. I am in a good place in my life now to explore these further and take actions to shape my life how I want it. Not only do I have a clearer direction on a new career path, I have also taken steps to deepen relationships with those who mean the most to me.

Joanna Barrett