The essence of coaching is who you become while you create what you want.

What is your next evolutionary step? What are you feeling, thinking and wanting?

People come to coaching for many reasons--to enhance their careers or relationships, to make important decisions, to gain skills, to move through transitions. Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be and the journey is as rewarding as arriving at the destination.

coaching_quotes2.jpgWhy People Choose Designing Your Destiny Coaching

Each of us has areas in our life where we want satisfying outcomes. In our coaching sessions you address the specific external outcomes you want as well as create internal changes that bring greater freedom. Your inner evolution is the foundation for the direction, choices and actions you take in the world. You develop a relationship with yourself that leads to both the accomplishment of what you want and the experience you hope will come with it.

As you build a vision, develop a plan, overcome obstacles or take action, Designing Your Destiny Coaching places you in the zone of fertile possibilities. You gain perspectives and skills to live from a realm where you are supported from within and by life.

A Dynamic, Nurturing Partnership

When you say yes to having a coach, you say yes to participating in life with a deepened commitment and focus…yes to trying on new ways of being and exploring new actions…yes to claiming both power and responsibility to live as a conscious creator.

As your coach I focus on your potential. I both receive you where you are and call you forth. You have a partner who is 100% there for YOU—a personal champion, offering skillful support as you awaken dormant wisdom and take actions that move you forward.

Coaching Happens From Wherever You Are

Coaching easily blends into your daily schedule. Typically it is done over the phone in forty-five minute sessions, two times a month. Between sessions there is time to reflect, deepen self understanding, test new ideas and take action.

An Invitation

When you suddenly see your life through an expanded sense of self a deep sense of ease and peace replaces tension and struggle. Life feels simple, all things possible. There is calm knowing, deep joy and gratitude for life itself. We invite you to explore the possibility of using coaching as a stepping stone into this realm where the future you want to live is possible.

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