Career and Life Coaching
Transitions, Direction & Development

How much does your life express who you are and what you want? Navigating a career or life transition, building a business, or creating change can be challenging. It can also call forth inner resources, create fundamental shifts in how you view yourself, and inspire new satisfying directions and possibilities.

Bridge the inner world of your deepest values and dreams with the external world of your creation as you…make your life path clear… pursue personal and professional goals…take constructive action…deconstruct limits…build strong internal support structures…live from connection to your life purpose…deeply appreciate the depths of who you are...

Deb SlotterbachDeb SlotterbachMarcia GoldbergMarcia GoldbergWe are dedicated to calling forth the magnificence, clarity and the power to create that which lies within you…to you bringing your dreams into reality…to you claiming a life of aliveness and joy…to you stepping into full ownership of your life. It is our great joy to both honor who you are and to champion what lies within you waiting to be uncovered. 



Our Approach

Our approach rests on the knowledge that the answers are within you. Designing Your Destiny guides you to integrate your heart and mind to access these answers. This gives meaning to your results and connects you to all of your potential.

As you deepen your relationship with your source of intuitive knowing, you gain clarity about what you want and increased power to bring it into your life. You learn to navigate through the sometimes chaotic unknown. You enter a realm where power comes from embracing life instead of struggling against it. In this realm, life unfolds in delightful, unexpected ways.

Designing Your Destiny is a way of fulfilling your birthright—of connecting with those essential qualities within yourself that are your reasons for being on this earth. The choices from this place both light you up and are your contribution to the world.



Be the person you want to be as you claim the life you want to live.